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entonces-  [en̩ˈtoṇθes]


1.  immediately after in time;  - then; next; afterwards  .

2. in this or that time; - period- lapse- space- place- siituaton- moment- or - occasion-. past or future.


1.  being so;  in that case.

2. consequently.

hola, soy Bruno.
I am a mexican architect / artist, trail runner and young contrarian based in Berlin.

ENTONCES is a record of tangible pieces, finished and unfinished, that are born and constantly feed on interactions. It is the product of exploration in many disciplines and the documentation of my thoughts.

I understand the creative process as the evolution of an idea into a richer whole, under the stimulus of iterative interactions of data imput under multi-layered systems of collaboration.

I treasure the idea of emergence through collective participation and social exchange, the recognition and value of -the work of art- that gains its properties form collaborative thiking, which otherwise its single parts would not have on their own; some beautiful properties and behaviors that only arise when the singular parts interact in a wider whole.

I believe in self-organization and giving more importance to the social dimension over the individual and spatial one, to the rescue of diversity and the inclusion of all forms of expression.

Aware that the context lays out a very complex canvas of possibilities, I use architecture and other forms of art, as means to read and acknowledge diversity, understand and explore not only with punctual interventions, but rather learning organisms capable of recognizing patterns and creating new ones, rebuilding and restoring themselves over and over again.

Bruno is an Architect with a masters degree in Architettua Restauro by the University La Sapienza di Roma , Italy. 
He specializes in the Intervention and Requalification of Heritage Buildings as well as the restoration of the Urban Morphology.

In 2016 he co-founded the architecture studio LEBENSRAUM in Mexico City. The studio emerged from the idea of creating a multidisciplinary workshop that grows from interactions and collaborations, and is capable of developing architecture in every scale and throughout every stage of the creation process. It followed the idea of creating a habitat, that is, the space which makes life as much possible as it allows you to inhabit, to make that space your own.

Prior to that, he worked at Unidad de Protocolos as a junior architect. He was part of large-scale research projects where he implemented parametric design strategies using visual programming tools for both architectural projects as well as digital production projects. 

Early in his carreer he worked at the Ministry of Urban Development of Mexico City and was an intern at  the architecture studio Heinle Wischer & Partner in Cologne, Germany